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8 sessions, 12 hours

This course provides all helpful tips and instructions on design and develop of a design/architecture portfolio to showcase your creative work and attract new professional opportunities. This portfolio course focuses on the design, creativity and presentation skills required to make a strong design portfolio. Learn how to generate intriguing ideas, develop them to a high level and present them effectively with visual impact in this 8 sessions portfolio course.


This course is designed for professionals, undergraduate and graduate students, and any designers with a portfolio looking to showcase it professionally. Basic knowledge in Adobe Photoshop and/or Adobe InDesign is required. You also need a body of work to include in your portfolio and a computer with Photoshop and InDesign installed.


Look at the purpose of a portfolio before researching examples of the different types you can design along with their creative structures. Start building your portfolio by exploring the foundations of success, environment, fears, and aspirations. Then, work on developing your brand. This course teaches you about important branding concepts to help you define your professional identity.


Discover the principles to keep in mind when organizing your portfolio. Learn how to highlight your best work and showcase the kind of projects you want to be hired for. Then, explore the parameters to keep in mind when deciding what to include in your portfolio and experiment with presenting your work for a professional-looking end result.


Publish your portfolio and learn how to use platforms like social media to increase its exposure. Look at the importance of updating your portfolio regularly before reflecting on the work you’ve done in the course and your plans for the future.

  • What is a Design/Architecture Portoflio?

  • Content of a Design/Architecture Portfolio

  • Organization of a Design/Architecture Portoflio

  • Principles of Graphic Design in Portfolio

  • Online Portfolios and Career Success

  • Session 1: Introduction, what is a portfolio?

  • Session 2: Purpose of developing a portfolio, Content of portfolio, Organization of Portfolio

  • Session 3: Graphic design principles for portfolio design

  • Session 4: Portfolio critique sessions

  • Session 5: Portfolio critique sessions

  • Session 6: Portfolio critique sessions

  • Session 7: Publishing online portfolios

  • Session 8: Exposure and job opportunities/graduate schools

IDO Team
The course will be taught by IDO expert instructors according to your preference and field in interdisciplinary design.


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