Agent Crystalline

Architect: Marc Fornes and Theverymany

Location: Edmonton, Canada

Year: 2019


Built  in  a  suburb  of  Edmonton, it  introduces  itself as  a  symbol  of this  outstanding  area. The  aim  is  to draw attention  to  the  visual speed  of passersby  on adjacent  roads. This work introduces itself  as a  theatrical space  and  connects the  audience’s  focus to  detail.

There  are six colors  in the  shell  of this  effect,  which induces  vibrational energy,  gives  immobility  and  causes excitement and  tumult. Also  an  endless  and  bold  feeling Induces. The idea  for  this work  comes  from  racetracks, boats,  and  cars.

It takes  the form  of  kinetic  energy  of  the  passerby  and  includes  visual  speed. This combination  of styles  creates an environment that  creates  a  variety  of resources. This structure acts  as  a  sy mbolic  light  and  an entrance  to  the  main  building.

No approach  or experience  is the  same,  with  each perspective  and  each entry,  a  unique  situation emerges  that turns  a simple walk  into  a  great  inner  adventure.

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